TIK & TAK is a group of young architects, graduates or in training, ready to assist you in your future projects. We currently work in teams of two and offer consulting and design services to private clients as well as architectural offices.

Tik & Tak makes allows us to put our skills into practice within a firm context. Thus, we can auto-finance our researches and travels while avoiding student jobs that bring nothing to our training.


We decided to associate ourselves in order to propose a more efficient service, through the encounter of our skills and the habit of working together.
Richer also, thanks to the cross-fertilization of our experiences.

This complementarity represents a time saving and a relevance in the answers we bring to our missions. This allows us to offer services at reduced fees on short missions.


We defend the full competence of junior architects to practice independently starting from the bachelor level on short consulting assignments. We respond to a strong demand from private clients whose projects are too small to be of interest for established architects, but important enough for them to desire a well-designed study.

The base of our activity is to work in pairs, allowing complementarity and retrospect in our projects. Each team is unique, that way we can assign each order to the appropriate couple, allowing true specialisation. Together, we build a rewarding experience that will undoubtedly serve us in our Architects' career.

Antoine Geiger
23 y/o

Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
ENSA Paris Malaquais
Roma Tre Achitecttura
Ecole du Louvre

French, English, Italian

Industry work, Housing  / Offices, Photography, Exhibitions, Wood working, Private programs

August Hijlkema
22 y/o

ENSA Paris Malaquais
KADK Copenhagen
Ecole du Louvre

French, English, Dutch

Wood working, Historical Monuments, Public Programs, Private advising, Model Making